The concept behind Dananeer Label is to present the Arab attire in a new light. It is centered around the feminine and delicate side of a woman, while keeping practicality and comfort in mind. This makes Dananeers' designs suitable for an array of occasions.

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Combining unique light fabrics, innovative embroidery and hand beaded work is Dananeer's signature. The result is classically simple pieces that beautifully compliment the lifestyle of the professional women. the women who wears Dananeer is an elegant modernist woman, wanting to excel everyday in everything. Dananeer's designs are intended for independent working women in the Arab world specially the Arabian Gulf. The designs can go with daywear or nightwear, casual or formal, they fit any occasion. 

Dananeer was launched by Zahra Alsogair.  She has always had passion for art and fashion and Dananeer is the embodiment of this creative side of her personality. she is proudly born and raised in Saudi Arabia where she Studied Interior Design. Her exposure to outside cultures in addition to her own helped shape the artist in Zahra. She finds inspiration in everything she sees around her and she is always in constant pursuit of new ideas for her designs.